Immune testing in a pre-clinical setting

Preclinical Immunology Services

Sanquin can contribute to the development of effective immunomodulatory products/drugs or vaccines and treatments by performing pre-clinical studies for you. Our Preclinical Immunology Services can help for instance to get more insight in mode of action of your drug, compare effectivity with other available drugs or select vaccine peptide candidates.

Epitope selection and validation

MHCI Epitope discovery services can be of great benefit to narrow down the number of your vaccine peptide candidates.

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Biologics and immunogenicity

Improve your drug efficacy by assessing immunogenicity and serum levels of your biologic in preclinical or clinical setting.

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Cellular assays

Screen and evaluate your immunomodulatory drugs in functional in vitro assays.

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Our services

Cellular phenotyping

Characterize various leukocyte subsets within your sample by flow cytometry

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Antigen specific lymphocyte analyses

Enumerate and characterize antigen-specific responses

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Screen and evaluate your immunomodulatory drugs in functional in vitro cellular assays

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Storage and sample logistics

Viable and functional cells kept safe for future analyses.

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Bioanalysis for biologics

Determine clinical immunogenicity or serum drug titers of your therapeutic

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Additional services and customized assays

We offer a wide selection of cellular assays and if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask about our options for customized assay development.

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Why immunomonitoring at Sanquin?

  • Knowledge

    Sanquin is the knowledge institute in the field of blood and immunology.

  • Sample logistics and storage

    Sanquin offers fast and reliable service.

  • Quality testing

    We work according to the highest levels of quality.


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