About Sanquinnovate

Sanquin is the leading blood services organization in the Netherlands and an internationally well-known knowledge institute in the field of blood.

Sanquin conducts scientific research in the fields of blood transfusion medicine and immunology, applying this knowledge to the development and manufacturing of a range of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products and services.

Sanquinnovate is Sanquin’s valorisation arm focused on creating new value-adding products and services to tackle challenges in blood-related disease fields.Through top-notch scientific research and dedicated business development we are committed to generate and further develop early ideas into meaningful therapeutics, blood products and diagnostics products for patients with unmet medical needs.

Sanquinnovate team

Meet our dedicated team of professionals:


Roel Melsert                                                             Sarah Hafith

Managing Director/CEO                                         Vice-President Business Development


Syeda Quader                                                          Elsemieke Hackenitz

Business Development Manager                         Business Developer


Vanessa Tarta                                                          Sagrario Arias Rivas

Business Developer                                                Project Manager


Brenda Luken                                                          Tanja van der Meulen

Project Manager                                                      Management & Communications