Our terms of employment

Sanquin CLA

The collective agreement sets out agreements about, for instance, your salary, working hours, holiday and leave, travel allowance and pension.

Sanquin and the CNV Zorg & Welzijn and FNV trade unions conclude a collective agreement for a specific period. When this period has expired, the collective agreement will remain in force until new agreements have been negotiated.

Employment conditions

This is a summary of our most important employment conditions:

  1. An average full-time working week is 36 hours.
  2. If you have not yet reached the maximum of your salary scale, you will receive an annual salary increase. The increase is based on your relative scale position.
  3. Mijn SanQeuze Budget (MSB) lets you pick and mix your own terms and conditions of employment, with potential tax benefits! You can use the following resources through the MSB (as soon as you have accrued them):
    • MSB money - 16.66%, consisting of 8.33% holiday allowance and 8.33% end-of-year bonus;
    • MSB hours - 57 PLB hours (in proportion to your working hours). PLB hours are additional leave hours on top of your regular holiday hours. 
    You can use the resources for, among other things (but not limited to), the following: 
    • a bike;
    • buying additional holiday hours;
    • a trade union contribution;
    • your membership of a professional association;
    • to convert travel expenses.
  4. When you work full-time, you accrue 144 (statutory) holiday hours per calendar year. Unused hours will expire after 1.5 years, so holiday hours accrued during one calendar year expire on 1 July of the next calendar year. When you work more or fewer than 36 hours per week, the number of hours you accrue is proportionally adjusted. 
  5. While you are employed at Sanquin, you will build up a pension at Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW). You pay 45% of the premium through your salary and Sanquin pays the other 55%.
  6. Sanquin encourages training and personal development. Every three years, you receive an individual development budget of €2,000, which you can use for your development in your current job or your promotion to a future job. This amount is paid out proportionally when you work fewer hours.
  7. Allowances for irregular shifts, stand-by and on-call duty: Sanquin pays allowances for special shifts such as irregular shifts or on-call duty. The Sanquin collective agreement (Articles 9.4, 10.4 and 10.5) explains to which shifts this applies, when you are entitled to this allowance and the extent thereof. 
  8. Travel expenses: you receive a commuting allowance from the first kilometre. The allowance depends on the distance you travel and is based on the costs of public transport and a maximum of 30 kilometres per single trip.
  9. GoodHabitz offers online training courses free of charge. You will have access to more than 100 fun, inspiring, and practical training courses. A selection of what’s available includes MS Office, time management, presentation, social media, mindfulness, and much more.

For supplementary information you can consult the Sanquin Collective Labour Agreement.

This document is a translation. In the event of any dispute of interpretation of any of these conditions, the official Dutch language version shall prevail.

The Sanquin collective agreement app

The Sanquin collective agreement is also available as an app. How convenient is that! It contains practical information about, for instance, salary scales, public holidays and school holidays. It also helps you calculate your irregular hours allowance.

The Sanquin collective agreement app is available in the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android).

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