Contact details and address Sanquin Research

General postal address

Sanquin Research
PO Box 9190
1006 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Scientific Director

Prof René AW van Lier MD PhD

Ms Karin van Gerwen
T +31 20 512 31 68
E research@sanquin.nl

PA to René van Lier
Ms Wendy Snijder
T +31 20 512 34 50
F +31 20 512 33 03
E research@sanquin.nl

Public relations and science communication

Ms Margreet Hart
E m.hart@sanquin.nl

Research policy, program and funding

Mr Jan Willem Smeenk
E jw.smeenk@sanquin.nl

European funding and partnerships

Mr Joris van Enst
E j.vanenst@sanquin.nl

Collaboration/partnering/technology transfer/Sanquinnovate

Please contact the Sanquinnovate team at partnering@sanquin.nl

Financial officer

Mr Jan Vermeulen


Ms Elin Sputnesset
E library@sanquin.nl

Practical training/internships


PhD positions

Ms Hanneke Kroneman
E h.kroneman@sanquin.nl

PhD training

Ms Florine van Milligen PhD
E f.vanmilligen@sanquin.nl

Ombudsman scientific integrity

E ombudsman@sanquin.nl

Research code

Department overview


Visiting address  

Sanquin Research
Plesmanlaan 125
1066 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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