Contact details and address Sanquin Research

General postal address

Sanquin Research
PO Box 9190
1006 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Director of Research

As of 1 May 2021: Prof Gerald de Haan PhD

Secretariat Research Office

Ms Karin van Gerwen
T +31 20 512 31 68
E research@sanquin.nl

Ms Wendy Snijder
T +31 20 512 34 50
F +31 20 512 33 03
E research@sanquin.nl

Public relations and science communication

Ms Margreet Hart
E m.hart@sanquin.nl

Research policy, program and (national) funding

Mr Jan Willem Smeenk
E jw.smeenk@sanquin.nl

(European) funding and partnerships

Ms Florine van Milligen PhD
E f.vanmilligen@sanquin.nl

Collaboration/partnering/technology transfer/Sanquinnovate

Please contact the Sanquinnovate team at partnering@sanquin.nl

Financial officer

Mr Jan Vermeulen


Ms Elin Sputnesset
E library@sanquin.nl

Practical training/internships


PhD positions

Ms Hanneke Kroneman
E h.kroneman@sanquin.nl

PhD training

Ms Florine van Milligen PhD
E f.vanmilligen@sanquin.nl

Ombudsman scientific integrity

E ombudsman@sanquin.nl

Research code

Department overview


Visiting address  

Sanquin Research
Plesmanlaan 125
1066 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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