About education

Sanquin has unique knowledge in the field of blood and transfusion medicine. To share this knowledge our enthusiastic and experienced staff are involved in a number of education and training programs. 

Lectures and Masterclasses

Several specialist lectures and courses for a variety of professions are given throughout the year.

Practical training

Within Sanquin, a number of opportunities are offered for practical training for students of polytechnics and universities. Division Research offers many possibilities for internships, as do the Blood Bank, Consulting Services and Diagnostic Services.

PhD programs

Sanquin offers graduates training to become an independent researcher. As a PhD student you will work four years and do research in the field of blood, blood transfusion medicine or our donors. During your PhD program, you will work in a renowned research environment and get good guidance.  Have a look at recent PhD theses to get an impressions of our research opportunities.

Postdoctoral education

The postgraduate education programme Management and Transfusion Medicine (MTM) is offered by a collaboration of:

  • Sanquin Blood Supply
  • the Academic Institute for International Development of Transfusion Medicine (IDTM)
  • the University of Groningen
  • the University Medical Center Groningen

Human Resources


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