Executive Board, Executive Committee and Supervisory Board

The Executive Board consists of one statutory director, the CEO. The CEO is advised by the Executive Committee. The Supervisory Board responsible for the overall monitoring of the organisation’s operations.

Executive Board

Prof Ivo (I.N.) van Schaik PhD - CEO

Executive Committee

Prof Gerald (G.) de Haan PhD - Director Research
Coraline (C.) Panis MSc – CFO

Supervisory Board

Prof HAP Pols PhD (chair)
ES Bringmann MSc
VE Kal MSc
Prof CGJM Hilders PhD

Governance code

Companies and institutions often use the governance code applicable to their sector as the basis for the governance principles within the organization. Because Sanquin is a unique organization with both public and private activities, the existing governance codes (Healthcare Governance Code and Corporate Governance Code) cannot easily be applied to our organization. That is why Sanquin has opted to draw up her own Sanquin Governance Code, which is based on the Healthcare Governance Code and to which some aspects of the Corporate Governance Code have been added.