Who we are

A unique organization with a unique social role: Sanquin is responsible for the blood supply in the Netherlands. We unite medical, diagnostic, and scientific knowledge. With over 2,000 employees, we help improve the lives of more than 300,000 patients each year.

What you can expect from us:

  • direct social impact
  • a good work-life balance
  • comprehensive terms of employment
  • training and advancement opportunities
  • global esteem

Diverse positions

Upon hearing our name, “the Blood Bank” is what immediately comes to mind for most people. Yet Sanquin is much more than that. Less visible doesn't mean less important. Our researchers are dedicated to ground-breaking work that guarantees patients the best possible care. Drivers and warehouse staff ensure an efficient logistical process to deliver blood products on time. It goes without saying that, in carrying out our duties, we keep a close eye on statutory quality requirements, which is the main focus of our QA employees. Not to mention our technicians, who literally keep our organization running. Sanquin employees come from a wide range of disciplines. Whatever your background, you can almost always contribute to our mission.

Sanquin is an employer with a mission: together with the donor, we ensure a better life for patients.


Meaningful employment with Sanquin

Science never stops. At Sanquin, we witness ongoing progress with advanced techniques, knowledge, and equipment. This responsibility is felt by every employee, which is why we continuously invest in new research to maintain our social standing and our position as a leading knowledge institute. Research and innovation persevere. So does Sanquin. Take a look at our vacancies to find out more about working at Sanquin.

More info about working at Sanquin? Feel free to send us an email:

[email protected]