Who we are

We are a unique, life-saving, incredibly versatile organization at the center of society with a clear mission: Together with the donor we ensure a better life for patients.

Together: that's our more than 2,000 employees who put their heart and soul into making society healthier.

The donor: these are our more than 400,000 donors, true heroes whom we cherish because their selfless gift allows us to do our work.

The patients: these are the approximately 100,000 patients who, thanks to our blood products, diagnostics and scientific research, can live a better life or even stay alive each year.

At our main location in Amsterdam, you can see that we are much more than just the Blood Bank: here, medical, diagnostic and scientific knowledge about blood come together. Our large Research Department conducts groundbreaking research into better treatments and diagnostic tests. And our Diagnostics Department, among other things, performs highly complex patient diagnostics and participates in the development of new drugs.

We continuously invest in new techniques, new research and new collaborations. On our site we have established the New West Health & Innovation District: a hub for companies and knowledge institutes in the field of health care and innovation, that work together to come up with concrete new solutions for patients.

You'll feel at home with us if you:

  • want to contribute with your work to something that is truly meaningful;
  • do not see work as an obligation, but as a place where you are active with pleasure and enthusiasm;
  • feel like getting the best out of yourself;
  • get a kick out of working in a team, be it on a routine job or a completely new innovation;
  • like an open, informal workplace where everyone can be themselves;
  • like a diverse and inclusive work environment, with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds;
  • want the opportunity to look beyond your own work field.

Sanquin is so diverse that there is always a job that suits you. Perhaps you will build the 'Mijn Sanquin' environment for donors as an ICT specialist; you will welcome donors at the blood bank or screen their blood at the lab. As a driver or warehouse employee, you will ensure that our blood products are delivered on time. Or as a quality employee, you'll monitor the quality requirements for our activities. Sanquin employees all have one thing in common: they are committed to a healthier society.

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More info about working at Sanquin? Feel free to send us an email:

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