We are seeking to out-license the following early-stage assets. Please contact Sanquinnovate if you wish to learn more:  

Engineered Notch Receptors for cancer immunotherapy with T cells 

The asset is a chimeric receptor to modulate and activate Notch signaling in adoptively transferred T cells. The technology is envisioned for use in cancer immunotherapy to improve T cell function and / or T cell survival. It can be potentially combined with T cell therapies (these include CAR-T, Engineered T cell receptor modified T cells (TCR-T cells and TILs) and has potential application in a variety of solid tumors.

Enhancing vaccination strategy

We propose a novel strategy to improve vaccination by inducing an elevated afucosylated immune response in a subject that potentially provides a stronger protection than current vaccination methods. This method could potentially be useful in the development of vaccines, especially against “difficult” targets.

Novel technique to isolate and purify regulatory T cells (Tregs)

The safety and efficacy of ACT therapy depend on pure and stable Tregs given to patients. Therefore, leveraging a novel cell surface marker we discovered, we are developing a new method to isolate pure and stable Treg cells for in vitro expansion. This improved method overcomes caveats of methods currently used for identification and purification of stable Tregs.

Novel compound for Thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura

Thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura (TTP) is a blood disorder characterized by a reduction of ADAMTS13 activity which results in increased microvascular thrombosis. Few treatment approaches are available on the market leaving patients with suboptimal alternatives. We have developed a novel compound suitable for single rapid therapy for acquired TTP.

Rapid and sensitive COVID-19 detection assay

Since last year, COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. As the coronavirus cases have soared in several major countries at the same time, rapid and accurate diagnosis has become an important weapons in the effort to control the outbreak. At Sanquin, we have developed the workflow for a highly cost-effective novel point of care and high throughput COVID-19 detection test using a CAS-mediated diagnostic assay. The assay has already been validated on hundreds of patient samples showing excellent reproducibility (96%) comparable to RT-PCR but with superior sensitivity. Implementation of this innovative and patented technology is expected to optimize diagnostic strategies for both bedside and high-throughput settings.

Targets for antithrombotic & prohaemostatic therapies

Targeting upstream coagulation factors has gained a lot of interest among developers of antithrombotic and prohaemostatic therapies. One coagulation factor in particular is deemed to be very attractive due to its distinctive function in thrombosis and hemostasis.  Yet, all of the approaches in modulating this target affect all the functions including the beneficial ones. We aim to effectively separate these functions for the development of novel therapeutic approaches for thrombosis and bleeding by selectively targeting with small molecules.

Detection test for Zika virus

We have developed a fast and robust nucleic acid amplification based detection method for specific oligonucleotide sets in Zika virus (ZIKV). The method is specific for ZIKV and can be used to detect a wide variety of ZIKV stains.