Antigen-specific lymphocyte analyses

Antigen-specific cells play an important role in many types of disease and are therefore important targets in immunotherapy.

In the immune-oncology field tumor-associated antigens or neo-antigens importantly affect therapy efficacy.

In vaccine development, not only antigen-specific B cells are important, but also antigen-specific T cells are more and more recognized as playing a central role.

Other fields can benefit as well from targeting antigen-specific cells, including auto-immune diseases.

Antigen-specific responses can either be investigated in total PBMC cultures or in co-cultures of monocyte-derived dendritic cells with isolated T cells. If required, these cultures can be performed with healthy donors of a specific HLA type. Furthermore, we can either repeatedly use the same donor or use several different donors. We have a selection of donors available who are responsive to specific antigens.


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