Cytokine analyses- ELIspot

A robust method to detect the number of antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells is the T cell ELIspot assay. An ELIspot assay measures the production of cytokines from a single cell after an antigen-specific stimulation. Up to three different cytokines can be measured simultaneously.


  • High through-put
  • Robust and accurate (ideal for clinical testing)
  • Up to three cytokines in one test

Cells are first cultured on an antibody-coated surface, with or without presence of your antigen of interest. During this culture, secreted cytokines of interest are captured by the antibody bound to the culture surface. After a pre-specified period of culturing, the labelled detection antibody will visualize the captured cytokines either by an enzymatic reaction or a fluorescent label.




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