Antigen-specific stimulation

Lymphocytes are activated in an antigen-specific manner via their T or B cell receptor. Effects of immunomodulatory compounds on lymphocytes can be investigated in in vitro cultures in which lymphocytes are stimulated by these specific antigens. Common antigen to which most humans have developed memory T cells are used for these assays, such as antigens present in vaccines or viruses like Tetanus toxoid, Flu or CMV.

Moreover, lymphocytes can be incubated with the therapeutic protein of your interest to study whether memory responses to these therapeutic proteins occur or can be induced in human healthy volunteers or patients.

Antigen-specific responses can either be investigated in total PBMC cultures or in co-cultures of monocyte-derived dendritic cells with isolated T cells. If required these cultures can be performed with healthy donors of a specific HLA type. Furthermore, we can either repeatedly use the same donor or use several different donors. We have a selection of donors available who are responsive to specific antigens.


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