Immune cell activation and differentiation

Effects of immunomodulatory compounds on lymphocytes can be investigated by studying immune cell activation and differentiation. For example: monoclonal antibody therapies targeting cytokine receptors or CD markers can have a broad range of effects on the immune system. These effects can be studied in vitro by analyzing various leukocyte subsets such as monocyte differentiation into macrophages or dendritic cells, or T cell skewing into different helper subsets.









macrophage differentiation


PBMCs from two healthy donors have been co-cultured to elicit an allogeneic response; a mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR). The biologic that was used here was inhibitory on T cell proliferation. To determine a possible mechanism of action to explain this effect, macrophage differentiation was measured by studying CD14 and CD206 expression on HLA-DR positive cells after an MLR. 


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