Theses 2020

Within Sanquin around 75 PhD students are working on a thesis. In most cases Sanquin Researchers that hold a professorhip at one of the Dutch universities act as supervisor/promotor.

Most PhD students follow courses at those universities, as part of their research training. Sanquin researchers also contribute to these courses. Each year, around 15 PhD theses are defended.


PhD student Date Title 
Eelke Béguin 20 May 2020  
Dacia Henriquez 12 May 2020 Recognition and management of persistent postpartum haemorrhage; time to take timing seriously
Peter-Paul Unger 30 April  
Ellie Karampini 24 April 2020  
Joost van Sambeeck 17 April 2020 Optimal red blood cell matching
Maike van Hezel 28 February 2020 Effect of red cell transfusion on the host immune response in critically ill patients
Nigel Stapleton 21 February 2020 To bind or not to bind: A study into FcRn interactions
Suzanne Gunnink 31 January 2020 Not all that glitters is gold – platelet transfusions for preterm neonates
Yvonne Dorland 21 January 2020 Crosstalk in the bone marrow. Interactions of endothelial, hematopoietic and mesenchymal stromal cells
Willem Falkenburg 16 January 2020 Rheumatoid Factors