Theses 2018

Within Sanquin around 75 PhD students are working on a thesis. In most cases Sanquin Researchers that hold a professorhip at one of the Dutch universities act as supervisor/promotor.

Most PhD students follow courses at those universities, as part of their research training. Sanquin researchers also contribute to these courses. Each year, around 15 PhD theses are defended.


PhD student Date Title
Eva Stokhuijzen 28 November 2018 Hemostasis - Factors That Matter
Richard Pouw 27 November 2018 Setting the scale: The balance between complement factor H and its related proteins in health and disease
Anno Saris 21 November 2018 Alloimmunization after platelet transfusion: mechanisms, prevention and treatment
Bart van den Eshof 14 November 2018 PARadigms of vascular signaling
Kat Moore 26 October 2018 The Spiders at the Center of the Web: Csde1 and Strap control translation in erythropoiesis
Aukje Kreuger 13 September 2018 Platelet transfusion in hematology; improving the chain
Nicholas Saadah 11 September 2018 Hemovigilance, heterogeneity, and hyperfibrinolysis
Nahuel Paolini 21 June 2018 Control of mRNA translation in erythroid cells
Maaike Scheenstra 20 June 2018 Studies on Gata1 en PU.1 in dendritic cells. Mice are not human
Lilian Schimmel 15 June 2018 Filling the gaps; The endothelium in regulating vascular leakage and leukocyte extravasation
Esther Heideveld 25 May 2018 'The role of macrophages in human erythropoiesis'
Mischa Keizer

18 May 2018 16:00

'Complement activation defects in pediatric oncology patients: hidden factors contributing to the increased risk of infection'
Michel Smeets 17 May 2018 'Erythrocytes and von Willebrand factor in venous thrombosis'
Anouk Zaal 22 February 2018
'C5aR and TLR Crosstalk: Regulatory effect of anaphylatoxin C5a on human dendritic cells'
Fiamma Salerno 2 February 2018
'Walking the wire: Post-transcriptional regulation of T cell effector functions in health and disease'
Koen Kramer 16 January 2018
'How safe should donor blood be'

External thesis

Theses from non-Sanquin researchers where Sanquin researchers act as (co)promotor

Wiebe Verra: Prognostics of Outcome of Total Knee Replacement on Patient Selection and Intraoperative Issues
4 juli 2018 Leiden University
Promotor: Prof  RGHH Nelissen MD PhD
Copromotor:  JA van Hilten PhD