Theses 2023

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PhD candidate Date Title  University
Juulke Steuten 3 november 2023   University of Amsterdam
Floris Kranenburg 30 mei 2023 Red blood cell transfusion in critically ill patients - from data to decision Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine)
Yasmin de Wit 2 May 2023   University of Amsterdam
Niels Verstegen 14 April 2023 Going beyond your form: T-cell dependent B-cell fate determination University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Evelien Sprenkeler 13 April 2023 The fast and the furious - disorders of neutrophil development and function University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Medicine)
Thijs de Vos 13 April 2023 Fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia: the proof of the pudding is in the eating Leiden University, (Faculty of Medicine)
Fabienne van Hout 5 April 2023 Platelet transfusions and patient outcomes after cardiac surgery Leiden University, (Faculty of Medicine)
Jana Koers 24 March 2023  B cell and antibody differentiation: the contribution of glycans to repertoire diversification and classification University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Awital Bar Barroeta 24 March 2023 Novel insights into structure and function of Factor XI University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Medicine)
Casper Marman 9 February 2023 Regulation of human B cell differentiation University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Renske Taggenbrock 3 February 2023 Arming the neighborhood watch: Transcriptional networks underlying effector differentiation of ILC1s and other tissue resident lymphocytes University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Medicine