Theses 2024

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PhD candidate Date Title  University
Panagiota Bouti 5 November 2024 Shaping neutrophil responses against cancer: The role of integrin regulation University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Medicine)
Laura Lighaam 27 September 2024 The features and dynamics of lgG4 B cell responses: lnsights in B cell-mediated immune tolerance
University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Roos Krimpenfort 14 June 2024 From solid roots to rustling leaves: E-cadherin and β-catenin across the branches of hematopoiesis in evolution University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Medicine)
Nienke Oskam 28 March 2024 Immunoglobulin M: Structure, function and specificity in health and autoimmunity University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Max Grönloh 27 March 2024 Where white blood cells wander: homing in on leukocyte extravasation hotspots University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Nathalie Lak 19 March 2024 Liquid biopsies in pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma and beyond Utrecht University (Faculty of Medicine) 
Marieke Vinkenoog 15 February 2024 Data-driven donation strategies Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine)
Thijs van Osch 6 February 2024 Fc Glycosylation of alloantibodies in platelet refractoriness Utrecht University (Faculty of Science)
Wesley Huisman 1 February 2024 Risks and potential benefits of adoptively transferred virus-specific T cells Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine)
Sarah Valk 1 February 2024 Out for blood: causal inference in clinical transfusion research Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine)