Theses 2024

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PhD candidate Date Title  University
Nienke Oskam 28 March 2024 Immunoglobulin M: Structure, function and specificity in health and autoimmunity University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Max Grönloh 27 March 2024 Where white blood cells wander: homing in on leukocyte extravasation hotspots University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science)
Marieke Vinkenoog 15 February 2024 Data-driven donation strategies Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine)
Thijs van Osch 6 February 2024 Fc Glycosylation of alloantibodies in platelet refractoriness Utrecht University (Faculty of Science)
Wesley Huisman 1 February 2024 Risks and potential benefits of adoptively transferred virus-specific T cells Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine)
Sarah Valk 1 February 2024 Out for blood: causal inference in clinical transfusion research Leiden University (Faculty of Medicine)