Finger prick sampling: the benefits

Our in-house tests (Sanquin Diagnostic Services) for the hospital diagnostic measurements of concentration and antibody response (ADA) of and to biologics in patient serum are now validated for home-monitoring using blood collected via a finger prick.

The benefits

  • Finger prick testing is available for a wide range of biologics, including natalizumab, adalimumab, infliximab and vedolizumab (both concentration and ADA measurement).
  • Besides the measurement of biologics, we can measure inflammatory biomarkers to support your clinical decision making. This option will be available soon.
  • Measuring capillary blood offers more flexibility when to monitor your patient, allowing for swift adjustment of therapy.
  • You can already have the test result the moment the patient visits you.
  • Home sampling allows therapeutic drug monitoring with low burdun on your patient.
  • The patient does not have to visit the hospital or clinic.
  • The kit is easy to order.
  • Home sampling is much quicker than routine venous sampling, leading to much faster diagnostics.


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