Without prejudice to any agreements (either verbal or in written form and either initiated, concluded or terminated or based on orders) between Sanquin Diagnostiek BV and any counterparty “the Agreement”, Sanquin Diagnostiek excludes any liability with respect to compounds, products or other materials provided to Sanquin.

Without prejudice to the Agreement, Sanquin Diagnostiek BV provides results directly related to and in accordance with written instructions and the purpose of the Agreement based on general or specific assumptions defined by Sanquin Diagnostiek BV therefor.

  • These results, either in verbal or written form, cannot be used for any other purpose by any entity or person than as defined and agreed upon between parties. 
  • Sanquin Diagnostiek BV excludes any liability on any ground or legal theory whatsoever towards any party, entity or person related to the use of results or any outcome other than foreseen in the Agreement in the context of which these results have been provided.
  • Sanquin Diagnostiek BV explicitly reserves any rights it may exercise in connection with the use of results or related information other than foreseen in the Agreement or not respecting the confidentiality of the information and business of Sanquin Diagnostiek BV.
  • Please note that results can only be discussed internally and cannot be communicated to third parties without the prior written consent of Sanquin Diagnostiek BV.
  • if you intend to use Sanquin Diagnostiek BV as reference laboratory and /or for validation of kits etc.

You can also contact us if you have any doubt regarding the use of our name, provided services or validation of deliverables.