Engaging African ethnic minorities as blood donors

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Chapter 1

General Introduction

Part I Overarching Blood Donation Context

Chapter 2

The relation between blood donor recruitment and donor diversity and loyalty in the Netherlands    

Chapter 3 

The supply chain of migrant blood donors: an organisational interview study Abstract

Part II Individual Blood Donation Factors

Chapter 4

Blood donation barriers and facilitators of Sub-Saharan African migrants and minorities in Western high-income countries; a systematic review of the literature Abstract

Chapter 5

Barriers and motivators of Ghanaian and African-Surinamese migrants to donate blood Abstract

Chapter 6

Blood donation among individuals of African descent in the Netherlands: How are barriers and motivators associated with intention?

Chapter 7

Unknown makes unloved: Blood donation awareness and attitudes of potential donors of Dutch and African descent

Part III Intervention: recruiting African blood donors

Chapter 8

Recruiting blood donors of African descent in the Netherlands: Systematic intervention development

Chapter 9

From precontemplation to blood donation: A social media campaign to recruit blood donors of African descent

Chapter 10

General Discussion