Pieter (P. F.) van der Meer


Medical Biology


New Developments in Blood Component Preparation
Promotor: Prof dr PC Huijgens
Co-promotores: Dr HW Reesink and dr RNI Pietersz

Research interests

Optimization of the composition of additive solutions for storage of platelets. Optimization of anticoagulants and storage solutions to improve the quality of red blood cells. New leukoreduction filters and storage containers for red cell and platelet concentrates. Pathogen reduction technologies for cellular blood components. Recovery and survival studies of platelet concentrates. Clinical evaluation of platelet concentrates, including determination of ‘bleeding’ as a relevant study outcome. Clinical trial design. Determining the value of laboratory tests for prediction of transfusion outcomes. Knowledge transfer between blood bank and hospital on the use and effectiveness of cellular blood components.


  • Flow cytometry
  • Functional platelet analyzers
  • Biochemical assays
  • Observational trials
  • Randomized trials


2009 - present Senior Scientist, Sanquin Research
2009 - present Senior Scientist, Sanquin Blood Bank, Amsterdam
2000-2009 Scientist and Senior Scientist, Sanquin Blood Bank North West Region, Amsterdam
1996-2000 PhD, Red Cross Blood Bank, Amsterdam
1991-1992 Research Technician, Netherlands Research Institute for Ophthalmology, Amsterdam