Blood Transfusion Technology Group


Our main interest is the quality and safety of cellular blood products (red cell concentrates, platelet concentrates) isolated from whole blood or by apheresis. Research is focused on improved storage of erythrocytes and platelets, supported by studies of cell metabolism. With respect to pathogen reduction technology for cellular products we try to unravel the negative effects on the products from the pathogen reduction effect. Process improvement and development, evaluation of new products, disposables and/or equipment are started in the group at Blood Cell Research (proof of principle and scientific background) and continued in the department Product and Process Development of Sanquin Blood Bank (with final goal of implementation in production process). Improvement of disposables and equipment used in the Blood Bank process, also by contract research for a variety of companies.


  • PPOC, internal funding (in competition), several projects
  • Co-development, Contract Research, several projects,
  • Co-development project on allogeneic serum eye drops with muDrop

Our research