Erythropoiesis in Healthy and Deregulated Hematopoiesis


My research group aims to identify treatable causes of anemia by improving our insights into the regulation of red blood cell (RBC) formation. Using ex-vivo human derived hematopoietic stem cells and innovative in vivo transplantation models we aim to improve our insights into the formation or RBCs.

The incidence of anemia development, reflecting a decrease in RBC production below a healthy threshold, increases upon aging and is estimated to affect a third of the global population. Epidemiologic studies report that anemia in elderly accelerates cognitive decline, contributes to cardiovascular diseases and in addition reduces the quality of life.

Anemia is also a common hallmark of hematopoietic malignancies, complicating disease treatment and hampering disease outcome. Therefore improved insights into anemia development are needed to develop novel treatment options and to improve clinical outcome.


Joghem van Loghem Fellowship


Our research
Micha (M.) Nethe, PhD Erythropoiesis in Healthy and Deregulated Hematopoiesis
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