MAT Center of Expertise

MAT at Sanquin

Sanquin’s long lasting research in immunology led by Professor Lucien Aarden, (known as the co-discoverer of IL-6) has formed the basis for the development of the present MAT assay based on cryopreserved pooled PBMCs and the IL-6 ELISA as cytokine readout. After about 20 years of immune research on monocytes and their cytokine response to pyrogens, the research group teamed up with the Blood Bank, Reagents and Diagnostic Services divisions of Sanquin to further develop the MAT into a standardized kit. This collaboration has resulted in a unique setting for the development, production and support of MAT. Now offering the MAT kits worldwide through our partner Lonza.

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From in-house collection of blood and production of MAT kits to testing services and consultancy all under one roof, Sanquin has now set up a unique MAT Center of Expertise providing everything you need to start using MAT as a pyrogen test: