Monika (M. C.) Wolkers PhD


1993-1998 Medical Biology, University of Amsterdam, MSc


Dissection of spontaneous and therapy-induced T cell immunity in mice
3 October 2003
The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
Supervisor: Ton Schumacher

Research interests

We study:

1) how efficient T cell responses are established
2) how a memory T cell is kept in a (semi)-active state on a molecular level
3) how Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs) are activated upon bacterial and viral encounter on a molecular level


Cell cultures, retroviral and lentiviral transductions of T cells and APCs, Flow cytometry, protein and mRNA analysis, in vitro and in vivo studies of immune responses


May 2015
Associate professor, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam
October 2010- present Group leader at Department of Hematopoeisis, Sanquin, Amsterdam
2007-2010 Research Scientist at Center of Experimental Molecular Medicine, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam
2005-2007 Postdoc at Department of Cellular Immunology, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, La Jolla (USA)
2003-2004 Postdoc Department of Immunology, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
1998-2003 PhD student Department of Immunology Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
1993-1998 MSc Medical Biology, University of Amsterdam