Klaas (K. P. J. M.) van Gisbergen PhD




DC-SIGN mediates cellular communication of dendritic cells
Promotor: Prof Y van Kooyk PhD
Copromotor: TBH Geijtenbeek PhD
June 2006

Research interests

My research interests are aimed at understanding costimulation and transcriptional control of T cell differentiation. We are studying the costimulatory molecules CD70 and CD27 in CD8 T cell responses using CD27 KO and CD70 Tg mice. Currently, we are investigating how costimulation through CD70 and CD27 maintains clonal diversity in CD8 T cell responses. We are also investigating the role of an undescribed transcription factor that we picked up in a screen of human CD8 T cells to be upregulated in the effector compartment. We named this transcription factor Hobit and found that expression was limited to cytotoxic cells (NK cells, effector CD8 T cells and cytotoxic CD4 T cells). In mice expression was much more restricted and only found in NKT cells. We are pursuing the role of Hobit in human studies and in mouse studies using newly developed Hobit KO mice.


  • Infection models in the mouse (Influenza, mCMV and LCMV)
  • Flow cytometry
  • Cell sorting
  • qPCR


2016-present Group leader at Sanquin Research
2011-present Postdoc at Dept of Hematopoiesis, Sanquin Research
2006-2010 Postdoc at Dept of Experimental Immunology, AMC
2001-2005 PhD student at Dept of Molecular Cell Biology, VU medical center
1996-2001 Student at Radboud University Nijmegen

Other publications

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