Expression and function of Fc-gamma receptors; Binding of Immunoglobulin G and its glycoforms

Chapter 1

General introduction

Chapter 2

Red pulp macrophages in the human spleen are a distinct cell population with a unique expression of Fc-γ receptors. Abstract

Chapter 3

Tissue-specific expression of IgG receptors by human macropages ex vivo

Chapter 4

ABO zygosity, but not secretor or Fc receptor status, is a significant risk factor for IVIG-associated hemolysis. Abstract

Chapter 5

Increasing incidence of treatment-associated hemolysis in Kawasaki Disease: association with blood-group antibody titers in IVIG products

Chapter 6

Enhanced Effector Functions Due to Antibody Defucosylation Depend on the Effector Cell Fcγ Receptor Profile. Abstract

Chapter 7

IgG Glyco-Engineering to Improve IVIg Potency. Abstract

Chapter 8

General discussion