Suzanne (SM) Castenmiller


Biomedical Sciences - Infection and Immunity, Utrecht University

Research interests

Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes


Cell culture
Flow Cytometry
Cell isolation


2021 - present PhD student in the group of Monika Wolkers
2019 – 2021 Technician in the group of Monika Wolkers
2017 – 2019

Master Biomedical Sciences – Infection and Immunity, Utrecht University

  • Internship on profiling of T cells in patients with IBD in the group of Femke van Wijk
  • Internship on induced complement mediated killing against S. pneumoniae in the group of Suzan Rooijakkers
2012-2017 Bachelor Biomedical Sciences,  Utrecht University
  • Thesis on the use of iPSCs as treatment in T1D in the group of Eelco de Koning