Our services

We can generate iPSC lines for you!

The induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) facility within Sanquin operates since 2013. We routinely generate iPSC lines for our own projects and for external parties.    

We offer  

  1. Our iPSC generation services from received material
  2. Characterization of iPSCs on a customisable manner 
  3. Technical support in iPSC maintenance and differentiation
  4. Assay development


Our main expertise

  • Isolation and expansion of blood-derived primary cells
  • CRISPR-cas gene-editing of erythroblast or CD34+
  • iPSC generation using state of the art techniques
  • Characterization of stable iPSCs
  • iPSC differentiations toward erythroid/megakaryoid/myeloid lineages

Cell types and gene-editing

Erythroblast (EBL)

We routinely reprogram pro-EBLs, which we expand from low amount (2-3ml) of peripheral blood. The EBL outgrowth procedure takes 8-10 days, resulting in 2-10*106 EBL/2ml blood. Besides peripheral blood, we can outgrow and reprogram EBLs from a broad range of primary materials, such as: cord blood (CB), mobilized peripheral blood (MPB), Fetal liver (FL), Bone marrow (BM) [1; 2; 3].

Other cell types

Fibroblast, blood outgrowth endothelial cells (BOECs), CD34+ cells and bone marrow leukemic samples can be also reprogrammed if required.

CRISPR-cas edition

We offer our gene-editing services using CRISPR-cas in CD34+ or EBLs, which can be combined with reprogramming services.

How are iPS cells made?

We apply the integrative Lenti-virus delivery (LV) system, or non-integrative systems, such as Sendai-virus delivery (SV) and episomal vectors (EV). Read more about the techniques.

What is included?

  • Isolation of primary material (CD34, erythroblast), mycoplasma testing and cryobanking
  • Generation of iPSC lines 
  • Expansion and cryobanking of iPSCs (3 iPSC clones/sample, negotiable)
  • Test of transgene-free state in case of non-integrative SV and EV reprogramming

Furthermore, we have a range of assays available on a customisable manner. Read more about these assays.

What do we need from you?

If you want to order one of our services, we need the following information from you:

  • The content (without donor data!) of the Informed consent of human tissue/cell application in iPSC research
  • Samples which have been anonymized by you. In case of patient material, we request the exact mutation and disease pathology
  • Please note, that in case of For-profit application a license have to be obtained by you over the use of the reprogramming vectors
  • Please contact us, to discuss all necessary technical details and to customise your order for your needs!


Interested in any of our services or do you need further information? Please contact us: [email protected]


Here you find our references.