Organization IDTM

  • Dr. W. Martin Smid, Director IDTM, MD Medicine and PhD

    Dr. W. Martin SmidMartin Smid (1958, Netherlands, MD Medicine, PhD, MBA) has more than 25 years’ experience in blood bank management, transfusion medicine and coagulation. He is managing director of Sanquin Consulting Services and director of the Academic Institute IDTM.

    Until February 2023 and since 2018, he chaired the ISBT WP GBS and is a member from the start in 2010. After the position of the WP was settled the focus was and is to make challenges for availability and safety of the blood supply globally visible for ISBT membership and with the challenge clear it is possible to develop solutions to improve the situation in limited resource countries. An important initiative of the WP has been to facilitate an international coalition for stepwise access to safe plasma proteins in LMIC in collaboration with WHO.

    Martin’s main responsibilities include international cooperation and knowledge sharing in international projects and the Management of Transfusion Medicine programme at the Graduate School of Medical Science of the University of Groningen. He has been active in projects in over 20 countries globally and is involved in the WHO Global Blood Safety Network and AfSBT Educational and AfSBT Standards Committees and he is advisor of the Curacao blood bank. He also participates in several WHO experts groups. 

    He has over 60 publications in mainly in the area of blood products and transfusion and his PhD was about the immune system in HIV negative hemophilia patients.  In 2023 he received the AATM Excellence Award as an appreciation for initiating manpower and quality development programs in transfusion medicine and especially for AATM countries.

  • Dr. Stephen Peuchen, Student Coordinator IDTM

    Dr.Stephen PeuchenDr. Stephen Peuchen is head of the Research Office of the University Medical Center Groningen. He obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Chemistry from the Department of Pathology of the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond VA, U.S.A in 1990. He subsequently moved to the Institute of Neurology of the University College London (UCL) for a Research Fellow position in the Dept. of Neurochemistry studying the neurophysiology and (mitochondrial) biochemistry of astrocytes. In his current position, he has spent more than 10 years working on policy development and implementation of major biobanks in medicine, such as LifeLines and the Pearl of Strings initiative (2003 – 2012) and remains a national advisor on research policy in biobanking. As of 2010, Dr. Peuchen has become increasingly involved as a tutor in the MTM Programme.

  • Prof. Dr. Manda Broekhuis, Board member IDTM

    Vice Dean of Education, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen (RUG), The Netherlands 

    Prof. Dr. Manda BroekhuisManda Broekhuis is currently the Vice Dean of Education at FEB of the University of Groningen (NL). She became assistant professor in 1992. She received her PhD (2001) in Operations at the Faculty of Management and Organization of the University of Groningen. As of August 2011, she became Associate Professor at the Department of Operations, and in 2018 she became full professor Professional Service Chains. In the period 2015 -September 2019, she was the director of 3 Master programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen: Masters Supply Chain Management, Technology and Operations Management, and Newcastle and Groningen Dual Masters in Operations Management (DD TOM).

    She has been co-promotor in many PhD projects in the field of professional  service operations and healthcare management. Her main research interests are Managing Professional Service Triads and Chains, E-commerce, Contract management, Accountability, Management of professionals and Quality and Performance management. Her articles have appeared in Social Science & Medicine, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, BMC Health Services Research, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Medical Care Research and Review.

    She has coordinated and lectured several courses of the Master SCM, including Service Operations, Process Improvement and Change, Research Methods for SCM and TOM, Advanced Quality Management and Healthcare Management. She has been the coordinator of the Master thesis of SCM between 2006-2015, and has welcomed new students attending introduction events. She led the Msc Supply Chain Management between 2011-September 2015, and was the program director of three Master programmes. 

    Manda Broekhuis was also one of the coordinators of the Aletta School for Public Health, member of the EurOMA board, and member of the Editorial Review Board (ERB) of the International Journal of Operations and Production Management (2017-present). In the period September 2017-September 2019, she was advisor for the development and implementation of Modular Care at Espria, one of the largest providers of care in the Northern part of the Netherlands.