The Academic Institute for International Development of Transfusion Medicine and the Management of Transfusion Medicine programme are always looking for sponsors who are willing to support promising students. Our students are medical professionals from low- and medium income countries. For most students, the required tuition fee could pose a mayor challenge. 

Possible ways to sponsor the MTM programme are:

  • Direct sponsoring of scholarships, by covering the tuition fee of promising students amounting to € 20.000  for the complete programme, or € 10.000  for one year. Sponsors receive the option to be mentioned on our Sponsor page.
  • Covering travel and residence costs for the two traineeships that are part of the programme, amounting to approximately € 7.000 – € 10.000 per student. 
  • General grants or monetary contributions to the programme in general, including partial sponsorships.

For more information about how your organization can add a contribution to the MTM programme, please contact us.

Current sponsors of the MTM programme

Sponsors that have already contributed to the MTM programme, by providing scholarships for students, are governmental institutions like the CDC/ Pepfar, blood service organizations like Sanquin, the Swiss Red Cross and governmental institutions plus various commercial companies like Grifols , Terumo and Roche .