Research and Laboratory

Top-level research is carried out by professors, postdocs, and researchers (in training), as well as in laboratories committed to activities such as patient diagnostics. Scientific research into optimal donor care and the improvement of blood products and plasma medications is also underway. A world leader, Sanquin is committed to several fronts so that patients can receive the highest level of treatment.

Our lab technicians and researchers:

  • work with the latest technologies
  • collaborate with renowned research institutes at home and abroad
  • are leaders in their field
  • are at the heart of the fight against various diseases

Research on a global stage

Sanquin is the global knowledge institute for research into blood and blood disorders. Thanks to our scientific research, the medical world is increasingly able to find answers for abnormalities in the blood. Our activities focus on four medical priorities, ranging from functional and translational research to applied research and clinical trials. For Sanquin's researchers, this means a broad field with extensive possibilities. We also offer our researchers the opportunity to grow within a tenure track position, eventually becoming a group leader and establishing their own research group.

Innovative laboratories

We also carry out diagnostic research in high-tech laboratories for hospitals, blood banks, obstetrics practices, insurance organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. Based on this research, we provide advice regarding blood disorders and we are able to make the correct diagnoses. Our analysts and lab technicians work at various levels, from junior staff to experienced analysts who have been in the business for years. Via (internal) training courses, Sanquin gives you the opportunity to grow into a more specialised position or a managerial role, for example. Where will you start at Sanquin? Take a look at our vacancies.


The name says it all: innovation and Sanquin go hand in hand. At Sanquinnovate, our colleagues focus on creating new products and services to help patients. With high-quality scientific research, partnerships, and professional business development, we innovate on several fronts. Ideas are subsequently developed into a business case, with the aim of marketing a new product or service.

More info about working at Sanquin? Feel free to send us an email:

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