Sanquin relies on its valued donors, which is why we provide the best possible service. Employees and physicians at Sanquin's blood banks guarantee an attentive and empathetic approach in a professional, clinical environment. 

Our medical specialists:

  • do not carry out any physically demanding work, compared to other positions in the healthcare sector
  • work at blood collection sites during daytime and/or evening shifts rather than night shifts, weekends, or on public holidays 
  • usually interact with healthy individuals

Donors and patients

Our blood collection personnel is active throughout the country, collecting blood samples from donors. Blood donor physicians and blood collection personnel work together at collection sites to support donors, ensuring a safe donation process and a non-disruptive experience. Sanquin's transfusion physicians work with hospitals, pharmacists, and other specialists, and provide advice regarding matching donor blood in order to help the patient as much as possible. All in all, a complex puzzle that requires your medical knowledge.

Sanquin is a global leader in blood transfusion. The quality of care provided by our transfusion physicians and other medical specialists is of an exceptionally high level. Our blood collection personnel fulfil an important role within our organisation and have often completed training as a nurse, individual healthcare provider, or doctor's assistant. In addition, each new employee receives internal training with Sanquin. We also employ medical specialists with backgrounds in disciplines such as medicine or biomedical sciences. Everyone is valued at Sanquin. Take a look at our vacancies to see what kind of talent we are currently looking for.

More info about working at Sanquin? Feel free to send us an email:

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