We are unique ICT

Sanquin is a unique organization: we are the only one that provides the blood supply in the Netherlands. As an ICT professional, you have an incredibly important role in this, as most of our activities are supported by IT systems.

If you work at the Blood Bank, you ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and safely. From the blood collection to administering blood products to patients in the hospital. And that's a broad field. For example, we have an application for matching the right blood to the patient and an application for hospitals for the timely order of blood products. If these processes don't work properly, it can be a matter of life and death. So you're really contributing to improving and saving lives.

But there is much more. Sanquin also has a large diagnostics department for which we maintain the Laboratory Management Information System CLIS. We also provide ICT support to our important research branch, as well as to the various corporate services. This variety of work areas also contributes to the appeal of our ICT work. The company strategy is also focused on innovation, digitization and data-driven working, so there are still plenty of challenges ahead.

How we do it

Within Sanquin we work with Oracle and Azure and with the low-code platform Mendix, among others, in which we are increasingly SaaSing the ICT landscape. In addition to well-known applications such as AFAS and SAP, we also have unique applications developed especially for the blood bank.

We have outsourced the ICT infrastructure to external partners, in which we play a coordinating  role. We have the architecture in-house, and we also do some of the security ourselves. We often work in Agile teams; in sprints we build functionalities for both employees and donors from scratch. For example, we have set up the 'My Sanquin' environment for donors, which we are constantly expanding. We are also working on Sanquin's websites and intranet, the applications for the Blood Bank and various interesting transformation and digitization projects.

❤️ for society

Sanquin employees are socially involved people; we like to contribute to a better society through our work. We work in a pleasant, open and informal atmosphere. People easily find each other across departments; as an ICT employee, you work well together within your own team and with all other Sanquin departments. When problems arise, everyone is very committed to go the extra mile to find a solution. After all, we all know how important our share is.

Growing and flourishing

You and your department regularly attend training courses and workshops. In addition, you will receive your own development budget which you can use for your personal growth. Sanquin is an organization that offers many opportunities to grow; both horizontally within your function and vertically within your organizational unit. But also outside the ICT field there are possibilities, if you want to broaden your horizon even further. We encourage you to 'get the most out of it' and to contribute daily with pleasure and commitment to the best possible blood supply.

Vacancies for IT professionals 

More info about working at Sanquin? Feel free to send us an email:

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