A versatile organization such as Sanquin requires specialists with knowledge in various technical disciplines. We work with high-quality instruments that must function properly at all times, and we rely on the knowledge of our engineers.

Our engineers:

  • have flexible working hours
  • are given room to develop in line with their full potential
  • work on large, diverse projects

Unique working environment

As a Sanquin engineer, you need to take your working environment into account at all times. Working with blood products involves additional guidelines. As a result, a renovation or reconstruction can be a little more complicated than it is in other organizations. We'd rather do something properly and well-planned than (overly) quickly and run the risk of making mistakes. Together with some 40 other technical employees, we ensure that everything in, on, and around Sanquin functions properly.

Technical specialists

Maintenance engineers, work planners, mechanics, and team leaders are responsible for keeping Sanquin running. Our engineers contribute to aspects such as lab and production equipment, process installations, utilities, and buildings. Cooperation is essential to maintaining systems and resolving malfunctions. We are regularly on the lookout for new talent. Our project managers are responsible for the renovation and construction of laboratories and offices, and for projects such as the construction of a central power supply.

More info about working at Sanquin? Feel free to send us an email:

[email protected]