Prof Wim (W. L. A. M.) de Kort MD PhD

Donor Health Care


Chemistry, Medicine, Toxicology, Epidemiology,


‘Personnel selection through pre-employment medicals’

Research interests

Donor Management:

  • Effects of the blood donation process on donors: deferrals, ironmetabolism, adverse events and reactions.
  • Behavioural aspects of blood donation: factors influencing donor recruitment and donor retention.


Epidemiological research methods. Biostatistics


2014-present Professor of Donor Health Care, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
2010-present Head Dept Donor Studies, Sanquin Research
2010-present Director Donor Services, Sanquin Blood Bank
2002-2010 Director Sanquin Blood Bank South East Region
1998-2002 Director Sanquin Blood Bank 'Gelderse Rivieren'
1998-present Sanquin
1996-1998 Professor of Social Medicine at the Radboud University Nijmegen
1989-1998 Dutch Research Institute TNO: Manager Division Human Nutrition and Toxicology
1982-1989 Directorate General of Labour, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Other publications

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