Prof Rob (R. C.) Aalberse PhD


'IgE, allergens and their interaction'
1974 - University of Amsterdam

Research interests

Antibodies, antigens and B cells involved in the TH2 immune response. The focus is on the B cell response to 'weak' antigens, i.e. antigens lacking signals that activate the innate immune system. The working hypothesis is that such an immune response is less tightly regulated. The IgE response to classical atopic allergens (pollen, mites, etc) is considered to be a prototypic example.


Immunochemical and biochemical procedures related to antigens and antibodies (natural and recombinant), including radioimmunoassays for antibodies, allergens and other antigens; in-silico analysis of the structure of antibodies and allergens.


1990-2010Professor of Immunology, University of Amsterdam
1986Visiting Associate Professor, University of Virginia (USA), division of Allergy (Head: TAE Platts-Mills PhD)
1979-2009Head Allergy/Immunochemistry at CLB/Sanquin
1974PhD training at the Dept of Immunopathology of serum proteins at CLB/Sanquin