Gertjan (G. J.) Wolbink MD PhD




'C-Reactive protein mediated activation of complement'
1996 - University of Amsterdam

Research interests

Pathogenesis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
An increasing number of patients benefit from biotherapeuticals. However, some patients do not respond to treatment and others loose their response after a certain time. Immunogenicity is one of the factors linked to secondary nonresponse but its clinical significance has remained controversial.In recent years, knowledge of how to assess immunogenicity of biologicals has improved. Various reports show an inverse relationship between drug levels and antibody formation against the drug. Studies associated immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies with clinically significant nonresponse in a subgroup of patients. Clinically relevant immunogenicity is influenced by several factors including dosing and concomitant medication. Immunogenicity affects a significant number of patients treated with biologicals. Monitoring of drug levels as well as of antibodies against therapeutic antibodies may lead to more rational treatment strategies.


Translational medicine


2004-presentRheumatologist at the Jan van Breemen Research Institute / Reade and Researcher at Dept of Immunopathology, Sanquin Research
2000-2003Training as a rheumatologist at the Free University of Amsterdam
1997-2000Training internal medicine AMC/Slotervaart Hospital Amsterdam
1992-1996PhD student at the Dept of Pathophysiology of Plasma Proteins at CLB / Sanquin Research
1983-1991Medicine at the State University Groningen