Joint LUMC Sanquin Jon J van Rood Center for Clinical Transfusion Research

On May 26, 2010 the Jon J van Rood Center for Clinical Transfusion Research officially opened. The Van Rood Center was a collaboration between Sanquin and Leiden University Medical Center. This already long-standing collaboration was focused on scientific research and education in the field of blood transfusion medicine. The center also trained medical specialists on blood transfusion medicine. The Jon J van Rood Center closed in 2022.

Professor Jon van Rood died in 2017 at the age of 91, still active in research and transplantation. He was a pioneer in the field of transplantation and blood transfusion research, and still very active as a scientist. He founded Eurotransplant - an international organization for organ and tissue transplants - as well as stem cell bank Europdonor. He was part of the team that in 1968 performed the first successful bone marrow transplants in Europe. Read more about Jon van Rood's important contribution to research and patient care in his obituary in Vox Sanquinis.