Sanquin Immunomonitoring is your reliable partner for immunomonitoring in the field of vaccine development, cellular immunotherapy and biomarker analysis. We provide state of the art immunomonitoring services for MHC Class I T cell epitope discovery.

We can identify peptides with immunogenic properties, assess the immunogenicity of your epitopes and detect antigen-specific T cells. We accelerate and improve your discovery phase and preclinical and clinical development phases. Our services make use of award-winning platforms. We provide comprehensive and high quality techniques in quick response to your needs. Watch the animation.

T cell Epitope Test Service at Sanquin Immunomonitoring means

  • High throughput peptide discovery
  • Fast lead-finding
  • Maximum number of peptides tested in a minimum volume of blood
  • Saving effort and costs in not having to develop your own platforms
  • Custom-made advice by in-house scientific experts
  • In-house Cell Therapy Centre for fast translational research

Innovative techniques

At Immunomonitoring Services, we offer two services in the context of HLA-I epitopes:

  • UV-induced peptide exchange
  • Combinatorial coding

With these techniques we are able to identify antigens that stimulate relevant killer T cells and follow large numbers of these killer T cell responses in human disease conditions. This allows us to identify which killer T cell responses can protect our body from disease and thereby forms an important step in the development of novel vaccines.

Effective research and therapy

Utilization of the UV-induced peptide exchange and combinatorial coding technique can significantly speed up your search for peptides with immunogenic properties. It is widely applicable for therapeutic development and monitoring of the effectiveness of your therapy.


Our dedicated staff is committed to being of service to you! Find out how Sanquin can help to speed up your research in this area.

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Sanquin currently holds two patents in collaboration with the Dutch Cancer Institute

  • WO 2006/080837: Means and methods for breaking non-covalent binding interactions between molecules.
  • PCT/EP2008/009356: Detecting antigen responsive cells in a sample.


To date, we have entered into several agreements with pharmaceutical companies and research organizations rendering our services for the development of innovative therapeutics.

  • Dutch Cancer Institute, The Netherlands
  • Dutch Vaccine Institute, Test Development and Formulation, The Netherlands
  • University of Duisburg-Essen, Institute for Virology, Germany
  • Large pharmaceutical companies, Global

Scientific expertise

All research within Sanquin is concentrated in the Division Research and is related to the many aspects of blood and blood transfusions.

The Division Research employs around 300 scientists that are active in a wide range of research covering fundamental research, product development, up to performing clinical trials.

A recently installed Cell Therapy Centre can bring the obtained knowledge one step further.

The facility is our partner in translational research and a state of the art for preparation of cellular products including stem cell products. Combinatorial Coding is performed in our high-tech Cell Analysis core facility that is equipped with several state of the art flowcytometers and wide field imaging microscopes.


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