Our logistics department is Sanquin's beating heart. Every day, drivers and warehouse staff are committed to the safe and proper transport of blood products. Products that play a crucial role in improving the lives of patients. And a mission everyone is committed to. 

Our logistics staff:

  • enjoy the atmosphere on the work floor
  • work directly with socially important products
  • are responsible for a variety of tasks in which quality thinking is essential 


As a Sanquin driver, you deliver quality goods that can save the lives of others. A big responsibility, for an even bigger purpose. Conditioned products are transported from A to B with due care and attention, which is why every driver is GDP-certified and trained to have and maintain a thorough understanding of the quality guidelines clear. Our work demands focus and responsibility from everyone involved in order to maintain the necessary high-quality service. 


Hundreds of orders leave Sanquin's warehouse every day and are transported to various locations across the Netherlands. In our 2,800m2 warehouse, personnel work in accordance with a fixed schedule. They're our elite order pickers, which has everything to do with the products they handle every day. Products that serve a major social interest. With our logistics vacancies, we are regularly looking for new colleagues who are passionate about making a contribution.