Motivations to Give, Donate and Share (Motive-study)


Various socio-demographic groups are underrepresented as blood donors and are important targets to prevent quantitative and qualitative blood shortages. Many explicit, implicit and personal factors can play a role in the decision to become or stay a blood donor, or decide to stop donating blood. To better understand motivating and deterring factors to donate blood and improve the recruitment and retention of these important target groups, the Motive-study has been developed and performed in 2018 as part of the BloodMatch Availability research project.
The study consists of two samples of different potential target groups that are currently underrepresented as blood donors:

  • First- and second generation migrants with a sub-Saharan African origin living in the Netherlands, including individuals with an Afro-Surinamese and Afro-Caribbean background (N= 300).
  • University students, including exchange students (N= 141).

Individuals with an African genetic heritage have blood type compositions currently limited available in the donated blood supply and are therefore needed as blood donors to prevent qualitative blood shortages. And due to an aging donor population with a larger number of older blood donors stopping than young blood donors registering, students are an important target group to prevent quantitative shortages in the future.

Study design

The Motive-study involved a digital survey in the Dutch and English language. Eligible participants were between 18 and 65 years old, lived in the Netherlands at the time they participated in this study and were not definitely excluded to donate blood. Most of the participants from sub-Saharan African origin were recruited by the ISO certified research company Panelclix. The student-sample was recruited at the Psychology Lab of Tilburg University. The samples can be combined in one dataset or analyzed separately. Both (past) blood donors as non-donors participated in this study.


The dataset(s) of the Motive-study can be useful to answer many different kinds of research questions, which cannot all be analyzed by our own research team at Donor Medicine Research. Even research not related to blood donor behavior can be done with the Motive-study datasets. Please take a look at the measurements page to see all the available variables. Would you like to receive more information on this study, get access to the data or collaborate with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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