Donor deferral management: preventing donor loss

This project is relevant for donor management, in the context of donor deferral. We focus on lapsing after deferral and ultimately on donor retention. Donor deferral, especially on-site deferral, is highly undesirable for several reasons. First, deferrals are disappointing and costly for both donors and the blood bank. Second, high deferral rates may jeopardize a stable and sufficient blood supply, because temporarily deferred are at risk of lapsing. Third, the likelihood of being deferred is rather high at the beginning of the donor career. Unfortunately, deferrals at the donor’s first or second donation attempt are most strongly associated with donor lapse. It is unclear which mechanism drives the association between deferral and donor lapse. In order to fill this knowledge gap and develop effective interventions to prevent lapsing after deferral, a thorough investigation of reasons behind and consequences of donor deferral is of utmost importance. Hence, this research proposal focuses on  reducing deferral likelihood by informing the donors, and managing the deferral process in a cost-effective way that deferred donors are more likely to return.

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