Blood home collection now optional for biologics, anti-drug antibodies and more to come

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring can now be done remotely!

Welcome to the future of blood collection.

Sanquin Diagnostic Services is proud to announce that we are now offering the possibility of determining biologic and antibody concentration from the patient's home using a blood collection kit. By offering this as a service we can unburden the clinician and bring healthcare right to the patient’s doorstep. This will soon be possible in combination with the inflammation marker CRP as well.

Since the blood collection kit can be quickly shipped to your patient, it can also provide a result before you meet your patient. After your request, Sanquin will send your patient a kit to collect finger prick blood at home. The patient ships the blood back to us using the provided pre-paid packaging. Sanquin's biologics laboratory carries out the requested tests under ISO15189 and the results are reported to you in the same way as for a venous sample.

Requesting this service and reporting the results are fully integrated into the Electronic Patient Dossier. If you want to request home collection, you can do so digitally from LIMS via CLAUS or via form 37 ((F) finger prick request codes can be found here). In case your system requires IT adjustments you can easily contact us at [email protected], as well as for other questions.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions, published results of comparative studies with venous sampling and much more information about home sampling can be found on the finger prick page.


Blood collection at home provides convenience and flexibility for both clinician and patient. Getting excited, just as we already are?