Sanquin presents Sanquin Health Solutions

The parent company of Sanquin's private activities, Sanquin Holding, will continue under the name Sanquin Health Solutions Group BV (SHS). Under SHS fall Sanquin's activities in the fields of diagnostics, in vitro reagents, technology valorisation and campus development, as well as Sanquin's shareholdings.

Sanquin is thus implementing a more extensive separation between the Sanquin Foundation (of which the Blood Bank and Sanquin Research form part) and Sanquin's activities that operate in a commercial context. The Sanquin Foundation will remain the 100% shareholder of Sanquin Health Solutions. 

Sanquin Health Solutions stands for unlocking the potential of blood and science for the benefit of patients. The company stimulates and facilitates the development of innovative products and services in the area of transfusion medicine, hematology, immunology and oncology. 

Contributing to the future of health care

The board of Sanquin Health Solutions consists of Rogier van den Braak and Pieter de Geus. Van den Braak was also managing director of Sanquin Holding, and Pieter de Geus previously was CEO of Sanquin Plasma Products and a member of the Executive Board of the Sanquin Foundation. From the Sanquin knowledge center, they will further develop Sanquin Health Solutions as a company, in order to be able to launch societal developments that can thrive commercially. 

Van Den Braak: "With our knowledge, facilities and network partners we want to contribute to the medications, vaccines, diagnostic tests and therapies of the future, both for diagnosis and treatment, as well as possible prevention of diseases."
De Geus adds: "It is exciting to see how Sanquin's specialized knowledge can also be applied much more broadly than for blood alone, and offers countless opportunities for contributions in healthcare." 

Sanquin Health Solutions actively seeks cooperation with other companies and organizations. That cooperation can take various forms, from co-development agreements to shareholdings, of which SHS has a number. Examples are Sanquin Plasma Products, the plasma manufacturing plant partly owned by Sanquin, and Plasma Industries Belgium (PIBe), SPP's Belgian sister company. Sanquin Health Solutions has a representative on the Board of SPP and a priority share, with a view to the interests of the Dutch supply of plasma medications.

Supervisory Board

Sanquin Health Solutions will have its own Supervisory Board, with a majority of independent members who are not affiliated with the Sanquin Foundation. The CEO of the Sanquin Foundation, Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi, is also the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sanquin Health Solutions. The other members of the Supervisory Board will be Dr. Ellen de Brabander and Drs. Joep Pluymen.

Dr. De Brabander has many years of broad international experience in the pharmaceutical and food industries and is also very experienced as a director and supervisor in the public-private knowledge and innovation domain, both at a national and an European level. She is senior vice president in Research & Development at PepsiCo and previously worked as Chief Science/Technology Officer at Intervet, Merial and DSM.

Drs. Pluymen is an independent management consultant, supervisor and investor, involved in a very diverse range of large and small companies. He was previously CEO of Organon BioSciences, among other things. In addition to a wealth of substantive knowledge, both Supervisory Board members have an extensive international network. 

Tjin-A-Tsoi: "With Ellen and Joep on the Supervisory Board, we have completed the team that, together with the Sanquin Health Solutions board, can strike out on new paths to realize important solutions for the needs of patients and practitioners."