Sanquin starts collecting plasma from cured corona patients

Sanquin starts collecting blood plasma from cured corona patients. In a research setting, hospitals will investigate whether the antibodies in the plasma of cured corona patients are capable of reducing corona symptoms in other patients.

This could, for example, prevent a patient from ending up at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This is therefore not a regular treatment, but a study into the effectiveness of such plasma. Starting this week, former patients will be asked by their Public Health Service (GGD) to report to Sanquin.


Cured patients receive a request from their GGD to apply to Sanquin for the donation of their plasma. They are then asked to donate plasma 4 times in total, at intervals of 7 days. This procedure is safe and not strenuous.

The plasma of cured patients will be transfused to corona patients. The physicians can then examine whether the antibodies from the plasma are capable to fight the virus and help the patient to reduce the physical response to the virus. This may save people from being admitted to the ICU, or perhaps even hospitalization if further development takes place.

Meanwhile, at Sanquin Plasma Products the procedure will be started to purify the antibodies from the plasma, in order to make a so-called immunoglobulin preparation. In this way a medicine will eventually be available instead of a blood product.

No regular treatment

This is not yet a widely available treatment for corona patients. The study into the effect of this plasma on patients is carried out within a research setting. It is also expected that the required plasma will be scarce and that time will be needed to collect it to a sufficient extent. It will have to come from patients who have already been cured for two weeks and who are willing to donate.

Current patients

The plasma will be particularly helpful in countering the spread of the virus in the body. This will mainly help the physically weak, such as the elderly or people with lung problems.