We are looking for healthtech start-ups who want to grow

Sanquin wants to make a difference in the world of healthcare and in the lives of thousands of patients every year who rely on our products. That is why we share our knowledge and expertise as much as possible. And that is why we are a proud and active partner in the HealthInc program since 2019.

HealthInc is a collaboration of Amsterdam health and technology institute (Ahti) and Startupbootcamp, together with public and private partners such as Sanquin. HealthInc’s acceleration program aims to bridge different worlds geographically and across sectors, to help ambitious founders get access to markets and improve healthcare. HealthInc’s strength lies in the ability to connect companies with their huge network from both the private and public sectors: relevant mentors, powerful partners, and experienced investors in Healthtech. Last year, nine companies have been accelerated of which four are already securing investments, with a high of €1,5m. Are you a start-up in the digital landscape? Do you tackle today’s health problems with technologies and innovations? You have until December 18 of this year to apply for a part in the program. 

Coaching & training

Participants in the HealthInc acceleration program receive – in a period of 12 weeks – intensive coaching and training in the means of workshops, one-on-one meetings with experts, and many opportunities to pitch their product. Furthermore, they get the opportunity to form relations with interesting business partners and expand their networks. The kick-off of the next round is February 8, 2021 and on May 6 the program is closed with the showcase of each participant.

On Sanquin’s partnership

AIDA Diagnostics was a participant of the previous round in 2020. CRO and cofounder Michał Janiszewski: “Taking part in the HealthInc accelerator, the most crucial issue was to find the optimal match with the partners participating in the program. For our start-up, whose mission is to improve the management of blood and blood components through data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms, it was impossible to imagine a better business partner than Sanquin. Our expectations focused on putting our solutions against business reality, building a better understanding of the problems still to be solved, and to achieving a mutually beneficial partnership. Did we get it? Yes - and it's mostly due to Sanquin and their employees' approach to their role in acceleration. 

From the very beginning, each of our initiatives received a very warm welcome. This allowed us to see all the stages of the blood collection, preparation, and transportation work live, as well as an opportunity to present our solutions to the managers of crucial departments of the company. During our adventure, we also managed to meet the former director of donor service, prof. Wim de Kort, with whom we still work as the most influential mentor and advisor of our start-up. Sanquin have presented a modern and open-minded approach to start-ups from a distant country, offering not only their professionalism and partnership but, above all, their trust.” 

Want to elevate your start-up to the next level?

Join the HealthInc acceleration program. Do you want more informative, see the onepager.
More information on Sanquin’s role? Please get in touch with our ‘intrapreneur in residence’ Elsemieke Hackenitz, e.hackenitz@sanquin.nl or +31 (0)6 83 56 59 83.