Landsteiner Lecture by Miguel Soares | Heme: The missing link in the pathogenesis of severe malaria

Medical priority Immunity and Inflammation
Auditorium Sanquin (and online)
Plesmanlaan 125
1066 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

On Monday 28 November 2022 (1:00 PM) Miguel Soares PhD (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Lisbon, Portugal) will give a Landsteiner Lecture .

Title : Heme: The missing link in the pathogenesis of severe malaria

Host: Derk Amsen

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Immunity evolved in multicellular organisms to limit the negative impact from exposure to microbes. The immune system has the capacity to sense and target pathogenic microorganisms for containment, destruction or expulsion to preserve organismal homeostasis and fitness.

Multicellular organisms also evolved another defense strategy that preserves organismal homeostasis and fitness without directly impacting on microorganisms. This defense strategy, referred to as disease tolerance, relies on evolutionarily conserved stress and damage responses that limit the metabolic dysfunction and damage imposed on parenchymal tissues, either directly by pathogenic microorganisms or indirectly by immune-driven resistance mechanisms.

Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing this network of interactions may transform our understanding of host-microbe interactions and will impact on the treatment of infectious diseases.