Martijn (M. A.) Nolte PhD




‘Compartments, Cells and Molecules in the Spleen’
Promotor: Prof G Kraal PhD
Copromotor: RE Mebius PhD
1 March 2002 - Department of Molecular Cell Biology, VU Medical Center, Amsterdam

Research interests

Operating within the department of Hematopoiesis, the Adaptive Immunity Lab has two major research interests: 1. The impact of immune activation on hematopoiesis In this research line we investigate the mechanism by which the intricate process of hematopoiesis can be influenced by the activated immune system. Hematopoiesis occurs in the confined niches of the bone marrow, where hematopoietic stem cells differentiate to mature blood cells. This process is tightly controlled by local feedback mechanisms, as growth factors and stromal cells regulate bone marrow output. However, we have identified a new immune cell-mediated feedback mechanism, in which cells of the activated immune system also influence cell differentiation in the bone marrow to improve the host’s immunity. We anticipate that more insight in this feedback mechanism will provide better understanding of the consequences of (chronic) immune activation on blood cell formation, which could lead to better therapeutic strategies and facilitate the generation of blood cell products. 2. The molecular mechanism of effector T cell formation We also wish to obtain insight in the mechanisms that direct the generation and maintenance of memory and effector T cells that protect against (persistent) viruses. Hence we focus on the impact of costimulatory molecules in this process, such as CD27 and GITR. Moreover, we also investigate the role of transcription factors in effector T cell formation, amongst which the recently identified molecule HOBIT, a close relative of BLIMP-1. Both human and mouse studies are being conducted to address these issues. By performing these experiments we hope to better understand the requirements for generating memory and effector T cells and apply this knowledge in the development of adoptive T cell therapy.


  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • Cell culture of primary hematopoietic progenitors
  • HSC transplantations in mice
  • Quantitative PCR, ELISA, Western blotting,
  • T cell stimulation (in vitro and in vivo)
  • NKT cell analysis
  • Viral infection models in mice with LCMV, MCMV and Influenza virus


Educational activities

2011-present Head of The Adaptive Immunity Lab at the Dept of Hematopoiesis, Sanquin Research
2006-2010 Staff member at the Dept of Experimental Immunology, AMC, Amsterdam
2004-2006 EMBO Fellow at the Immunobiology Lab, Cancer Research UK, London, UK
2002-2004 Postdoctoral fellow at the Dept of Experimental Immunology, AMC, Amsterdam
1997-2002 PhD student at the Dept of Molecular Cell Biology, VUMC, Amsterdam
1997 Graduated in Medical Biology, Utrecht University, Utrecht

2010-present Lecturer for the Bachelor course ‘Immunology’ for Science students of the Amsterdam University College
2008-2011 Coordinator and lecturer for the Bachelor course ‘Clinical and Experimental Immunology’ for second year medical students at the AMC, Amsterdam
2007-present Lecturer for the Master course ‘Advanced Immunology’ for students Biomedical Sciences of the University of Amsterdam
2006-2011 Lecturer for the Bachelor course 'Infectious Diseases, Immunity and Inflammation' for medical students at the AMC, Amsterdam
2002-present Lecturer for the Advanced Immunology PhD Course

Other activities

2010-present Member of the course committee of the Advanced Immunology PhD Course
2010-present Member of the NWO-ZonMw VENI committee
2009-present Member (secretary) of the program-committee of the NVVI Lunteren Course

Other publications

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