Anno (A.) Saris


Technical Medicine, Reconstructive Medicine

Research interests

Optimizing the safety of platelet transfusions using pathogen reduction technologies. Reducing the frequency of alloimmunization after platelet transfusion and try to unravel the mechanism behind this. Determine functional laboratory tests to determine the quality of platelets concentrates.


2013-present PhD student at the Dept of Immunopathology, Sanquin Research, Sanquin Research
2011-2012 Graduation thesis ‘Dynamics of receptors of the HER family’
2006-2012 Technical Medicine

Other publications

Tijink MS, Wester M, Sun J, Saris A, Bolhuis-Versteeg LA, Saiful S, Joles JA, Borneman Z, Wessling M, Stamatialis DF. A novel approach for blood purification: mixed-matrix membranes combining diffusion and adsorption in one step. Acta Biomater 2012; 8(6):2279-87.