Sanquin Research is looking for postdocs and a research technician

We are looking for several Postdocs and a research technician for our research program Bleeding and Hemostasis

About Sanquin Research & Lab services

Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation combines medical, diagnostic, blood bank and research activities within one organisation. With 2,000 committed colleagues and 345,000 blood donors, we aim to provide a better life for 300,000 patients each year. 

The Division of Research and Lab Services of Sanquin is home to 250 researchers, including over 60 PhD students. Research at Sanquin is organized in four strategic themes: Anemia, Bleeding & Hemostasis, Immunity & Inflammation, and Immune Therapy. The joint mission of research at Sanquin is to discover novel methods and approaches using blood cells and blood products to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease in donors and patients. Research activities cover the full spectrum of early discoveries, development into novel products and services, donor studies, and clinical studies in patients. 


Bleeding and Hemostasis  

The mission of the Medical Priority Bleeding & Hemostasis of Sanquin Research is to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from acquired and genetic bleeding disorders. We are looking for  two talented post-docs and/or Principal Investigator to extend our research program on primary hemostasis and platelet transfusions. We especially encourage applications of talented researchers with the skills and ambition to successfully integrate clinical and large “omics” based profiling data-sets in the area of transfusion medicine. Read more  


Project: TRACK & TRACE: system biology of platelet transfusions. Position: two Postdocs/PI
Project: Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT). Positions: Research technician and Postdoc


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